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In the dynamic landscape of modern cybersecurity, the battle against digital criminals has grown increasingly intricate and challenging. These adversaries have adapted, many communication platforms like Telegram to coordinate their illicit activities, posing a formidable threat. As the digital underworld becomes more adept at concealing its operations, the need for cutting-edge solutions has never been greater. Today, I’m are excited to unveil the Telegram Explorer, a groundbreaking open-source tool meticulously designed and create to empower researchers, investigators, and law enforcement agencies in their tireless pursuit of cybercriminals who exploit the Telegram platform.

Entirely written in Python and licensed under the Apache license, this is a powerful new tool that will help the efforts to combat the digital threats that continually affect our society.

After almost 2 years of design, implementation, testing and polishing, Telegram Explorer is available from today (2023-10-04) through PYPI ( to the entire community .

As I stand on the threshold of launching Telegram Explorer, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to the incredible Threat Intel community.

Your unwavering dedication to cybersecurity, tireless pursuit of knowledge, and commitment to defending the digital world have been my constant source of inspiration. The wisdom, expertise, and collaborative spirit within this community have been instrumental in shaping Telegram Explorer.

With the launch of this tool, I aim to give back to the community that has given me so much. Telegram Explorer is a testament to what passionate individuals can achieve when they unite to address the challenges of the digital age.

As we move forward, I invite you to join me on this journey. Your continued support and engagement are invaluable, and together, we will enhance Telegram Explorer and strengthen our collective cybersecurity defenses.

Thank you, Threat Intel community, for your unwavering dedication to making the digital world safer.

With gratitude,

Th3 0bservator


  • Connection Manager
  • Group Information Scrapper
  • List Groups
  • Automatic Group Information Sync
  • Automatic Users Information Sync
  • Messages Listener
  • Messages Scrapper
  • Download Media
  • HTML Report Generation
  • Export Downloaded Files
  • Export Messages


Telegram Explorer is available through pip, so, just use pip install in order to fully install TeX.

pip install TelegramExplorer

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