Hacking is not about (only) a computer, is about mindset, is about way of life.
Hacking is about inspire others to change the world.

I’m a Security Researcher and Machine Learning Specialist, researching in fraud detection, cyber espionage and artificial intelligence areas.

My Nick born in 2017 Las Vegas Black Hat/Defcon event and this blog creation marks the new phase on my research efforts for make a better world.

My preferred coding languages are C# (yes, I love C#), Python and Java. For Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence I use only Python for obvious reasons, and for C&C or Server Backbend’s I’m feel comfortable to use C#.

Here everyone can find my articles (from the basic ones to advanced), setups, tests and experiments, and everything will be release in my GitHub Account šŸ˜‰ #hurra !!!!!

Some articles you (yes, you, my dear visitor !) will read in American English and other in Brazilian Portuguese.

So, that’s it. My mission is inspire all the people to make a better world.

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